Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Speech Regonition

I know it's pretty easy to set up in Office 2003 but it doesn't seem to work so well.I'm going to write something random and just paste what office picks up.
It would be really cool if speech recognition worked as it would save me an awful lot of time, sadly as you can see it doesn't work so well.
This is what Office 2003 came up with
It would be really cool its speed train commission won’t let as you can see it as an work too well
Wow gibberish, I think Politicians must be trained by this tool!

Horrible Messenger - An Alternative

I'm not much of a messenger user but have to use it for work, or so I thought.....

A long time ago I used GAIM and open source multi network client for chatting, the short version is it's an alternative to messenger! They had a legal battle with AOL and their AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) so have in the last few years re branded now their called Pidgin, their site can be found here.

Overall I'd say it's cleaner than MSN which has driven me slowly nuts over the last few weeks with it's bloat-ware like behaviour.

Next thing to try is Trillian... it has few more bells and whistles but is much cleaner than Messenger, Pidgin didn't resolve aliases too well but Trillian got it spot on. I got the client from CNet.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Freelance IT Stuff

Although I now work full time I still freelance doing the odd computer repair or bit of consulting.

SEO seems to be the in thing at the moment with companies desperate to get on line. So I'm managing quite a few google adwords accounts now. I just need to do the exam to become a certified Google Adwords Professional.

My wife keeps telling me I should have been certified a long time ago :)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Flash Games

I've never really liked flash games but for a while I've been trying to do the 100 challenge on Desktop Tower Defence 1.5. This version of tower defence forces the you to create the maze out of your own towers.

I've managed to get to around wave 80 odd a few times but always seem to make the odd mistake here and there.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Update on the Dell M1530 and XP

That link I posted earlier worked fine apart from the Wireless drivers I got ones that worked direct from Dell which can be found here.

Still have a minor issue with the Hard Drive drivers as the hard drive is set to ATA in BIOS currently. I had an error from the install utility 'does not meet minumum requirements'

XP and the Dell Laptop M1530

Had enough of the bloatware Vista it's high time we go to XP on this laptop. Minor issue with the dual boot but quick google of that solved the problem.

Drivers though much harder so far Dell M1530 XP Drivers looks the most promising will let you know how I get on!

One issue I did have was getting XP to see the drive:-
If you're lazy and don't have a USB floppy drive, this method will work but some have suggested you lose some AHCI functionality. However, it still works so keep reading. First step is to turn off SATA AHCI mode in BIOS (you'll switch it from AHCI to ATA). Search through BIOS until you find it. It will advise that you have to disable "Flash Cache" first, do this, and then set SATA mode to ATA instead of AHCI. Then, save your settings, reboot and install XP as usual. Once XP is installed, install the AHCI driver yourself via the file in the folder /AHCI/Lazy_Method. After this has been done successfully, you can go back into the BIOS and re-enable SATA AHCI mode and Flash Cache.


I did resolve to blog about something every day but it sure is hard.

Did notice with the kids off from school that Friday night traffic from Bridgend to Swansea is a fair bit heavier. I guess a lot are en route to West Wales which has grown as tourist spot over the last few years.

Off on holidays soon for two weeks.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Which Ad Network

Some time back I had a few webpages and put on google adsense, being a bit naive I asked my mother to click on the ads when she visited. Doh bad mistake, google now won't show my adsense ads, and this was YEARS AGO!

It's a pity as well since my FM Live blog and the site used to get a reasonable amount of traffic.

Even worse I spend literally most of my day managing a spend of close to 1/2 million per annum on Google PPC (Pay Per click). So I can spend but not earn.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Alton Towers Rant Queue Jumpers

We took the family to Alton Towers last week and it was a good day. There are signs about queue jumping and how Alton Towers frowns on such behavior. I was a bit puzzled about the fast pass system as it seemed to me those were actually queue jumping only to find out that if you paid Alton Towers more they'd let you queue jump as much as you like.

A bit rich that isn't it? I'm surprised there isn't a big uproar about it. I suppose as we so good at queuing in Britain we don't like to say!

SEO Secrets - Very Simple Really

Seems to me there are a lot of consultants out there that talk a good game of SEO (Search Engine Optimization, excuse US spelling). As fast as they spot what Google does, Google then changes it's algorithm to dodge those sites.

Seems to me that the real secret to good SEO it to write stuff that people would like to read, these types of sites meet the google number one objective, i.e. to have their users type in what they want to know and Google sends them to the page with the answers.

In work we've learned a lot over the last year our first consultant used a lot of black hat SEO we then wised up and started to do it properly, that is good content, and things are much better as a result.

Toshiba Laptop

Had a laptop to repair today, blue screen of death as soon as the hard drive was accessed. Fired up the invaluable Hirens CD into hard drive diagnostics sure enough a quick test reported a fail.

It was a Toshiba L300 and naturally a Toshiba drive, seem to see a lot of them fail. Oh well looks like a new hard drive is needed.

Was odd though before the diagnostic program would read the drive had to be switched to compatibility mode in the BIOS.


My little girl 4 drew my picture and I'd said I'd put it on the internet. 'Will everyone see it' she said wide eyed :)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Introduction to My Blog

I thought I'd start a blog just about me, it will cover both home and work and I expect it to be pretty boring, views from a middle class middle aged white male.

Wow that sounds average, only 2 children I think the average is 2.4 so I missed out a 0.4 somewhere.