Friday, 26 March 2010

A Christian Getting Upset with an Atheist

Had a debate today with a colleague, the subject was religion again. It all started when I claimed I couldn't provide any evidence that would disprove God, hypothetically speaking. However I would change my view should the evidence arrive.

He then started claiming that Jesus was a true historical figure and I said the evidence for that was not very clear. Even if I accepted that there was an historical figure called Jesus it didn't prove he was the son of God or that God existed.

I then explained that IF Jesus existed then he could have been a David Blaine / Derren Brown type. Ohhh he got upset at that, he was insulted.

I then said that was ridiculous and this summed up my entire objection with religion. I said your free to criticise my views but I'm not free to criticise yours. He ended with it was fine to criticise views but in terms of religion one should show a degree of restraint.

I will not!

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