Thursday, 18 March 2010

Just another Day - Google Campaigns & Parents Evening

Just another day on work doing Goggle campaigns, this is version 524 :P

Seriously my company spends a lot of money on marketing and these days Goggle is king so it figures that's where I spend my time.

Went to my sons parent evening overall he's doing good but got the usual 'could try harder'. When his teacher was going off on him about homework etc I did feel at one point that I was going say 'yes Miss, sorry Miss'.

That would have been a Homer Simpson moment.

Still playing Bejeweled far too much on Facebook. Yeah Friday tomorrow!

Having some issues in work with Network, tried a few routers now and the various network devices simply refuse to take an IP that is reserved for them. I suspect the switch we have is dicky.

I've had this issue once before where a Director came into work having set up internet connection sharing, that was a fun day. It was a very basic network so most of the PC's / laptops happily took an IP address off his PC, mass confusion as half the office could see network printers etc and half couldn't.

Sky seems to be working again now, I suspect overheating on the Sky HD Box.

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