Monday, 1 March 2010

Quick Guide to Newsgroups in Three Steps

Newsgroups are the fastest way to download anything. Forget torrents or any other file sharing program where you may or may not get an acceptable speed. If you pick a good news provider then you'll max out your connection!

1) Get a news server
It's vital to get a decent news server service, I use possibly one the most expensive but I think the best Giganews.

2) Get a News reader
Again there are free programs but I use Newsleecher, at the time of writing their site was down so link is to a beta version.

3) Once you've installed a News Reader set up your server in the program then it's time to get some NZB files. I was using but recently it's be troublesome so I'm trying NZB Club. It's free and I've literally tried it twice but it looks ok.

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