Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Excel & VLookup

After a lot of lost hair finally managed to get this working. Mistake I was making was having duplicate records in the lookup part.


The range_lookup is the part to remeber and FALSE must be inserted otherwise it returns the nearest value it could fine.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

2012 Movie Review

Short version: Dire

Long Version: Hollywood at it's worse chuck in a few stars, loads of special effects, predictable dialogue and script and vola you have two and half hours of your life chucked away. It felt like ten hours.

In some weird cheesy way it was mildy entertaining. My IMDB Score: 4, It gets 6 on IMDB, 2012 IMDB Link.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Lliw Resovior, Swansea Easter Monday Walk

We often go here for a walk and what can do you on Bank Holidays, read up a bit on it's history.

The dam holding the Lower Lliw reservoir was completed in 1867. However it devolped a leak, so was kept at a low level. That was until 1979 when it was rebuilt 112 years after first being constructed. I'm sure I've read they started it in 1862 so spent five years building it for it not to work. Phew bet the guy in charge of that took some stick!

The reservoir originally supplied water to Swansea area, but now after being treated at the nearby Felindre Water Works, the water is pumped all over South Wales.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

More Domains

I let these run out but I enjoy blogging so much I bought them again.

Furniture Choices
Mainly reviews about furniture, going to let rip on this one! I've had this domain for ages so it's about time I used it.

Furniture Wiki
Basically a list of furniture facts complied by a colleague.

Late Frog Spawn

Took my little girl over 'the field' (that's what we called this area as a kid). I spent much of my youth fascinated with frogs and newts, hey no Xbox in those days!

Two things spring to mind the frog spawn seems late this year only just hatched in much of the pond and the area is decimated with bikes riding through the shallow pools.

Harsh winter Frogs must hibernate longer.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

A Victory for Freedom of Speech & Another Furniture Blog

I think the news that the Science writer has won the appeal against chiropractor. It's a victory for freedom of speech in my book.

I'm still buying domains if a good one comes up this time it's Mexican Pine Furniture. I do have quite a few furniture blogs now and generally their tips on how or where to buy. Need to keep them low profile though as in one of them I do almost accuse some manufacturers of operating a pricing cartel.

I stand by that but also could get into a bit of trouble.

I can say in other places I've worked it's really common practice for some big name brands to insist that retailers / wholesalers stick to their pricing policy. In my view this is against anti-competition laws if not in practice then in ethics, if that makes sense.