Saturday, 31 July 2010

Changing News Server

Times are tough currently so I'm on economy drive whilst Giganews have been excellant there are cheaper options out there. After a bit of digging I've decided that my first one to try will be News Demon.

They've had some good reviews, have good retention etc. I suspect Giganews is still the premium service but at a premium price.

Pretty simple to set up, SSL as well and pretty fast. We'll see how this trial goes and then change to them if they are good enough.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Wife's 40th Birthday

Thought I'd do a video for her, direct link or watch it embedded below.

Hope she enjoys it, she'll probably not be best pleased when she see's that school photo!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

HTC Hero and Andriod 2.1 Review

Finally Orange get the 2.1 Android Operating System on my HTC Hero and I must say it owns!

So quick now really pleased I got this phone now finally it does compare to the iPhone.

Strategically Google have to have a big input on Smart Phones as moving forward they'll be used more and logically will be used for searching more. If your long term plans are to remain the No.1 search engine then Google will have an OS that controls which search engine is used.

Microsoft seem far too late to the party!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Win FF The Best Video Convertor

I have tried many many video converters and I stumbled upon WinFF Video Convertor, quite simply the best video converter around. Clean quick no nonsense, I just hope the author doesn't get head-hunted by some big software company.

I wish all software was like this.

Andriod Marketplace is Awful

Browser app called app brain which seems to be a browser based system and then you have to log into it and download it on your phone.

Then when I try install something 'no results found'. I search for an app I want in the marketplace and 'no results found'.

It is shockingly bad, if you can afford an iPhone buy one of them if your on a budget then prepare for frustration as you'll have to put up with this really bad system.

Archos MP4 Players Review and HTC Hero

Odd title I know but I've owned an Archos 605 since it came out and it's been top drawer. A few complaints that it wouldn't do some HD formats until upgraded but other than that it plays everything flawlessly.

Thing is it's getting old so had my eye out for a replacement and was rather hoping the HTC Hero phone would suffice as an MP4 player.

It's quite a nice phone but it's no iPhone by a long way and as an mp4 player next to useless.

It's so fussy what it plays and then most of the time suffers from Lip Sync issues, there is talk of an HTC Hero update for Orange customers to fingers crossed this will solve this issue.

Going to have to read up either fix the HTC Hero phone so it can play a passable quality file with lip sync issues or buy another MP4 players.

I'm not sure I'd buy another Archos for the simple reason it's not that portable.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

A Cruise Critic

Holiday wise we're pretty avid cruisers as a family. In the last few years we've done four cruises, three with P&O and one on the Queen Mary 2.

Tomorrow we set sail on board the P&O Ship Ventura and as this is brand spanking new ship for PO Cruises I thought I'd buy yet another domain.

So now I'm a cruise critic quite a nice domain I'm sure you'll agree! I'm going to start off the cruise critic website with almost a daily post of the ship as we cruise around.

Ban the Darth Vadar Outfit, I mean Ban the burka

I was going to do a post about this but Pat Condell covers it such detail:-

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Another Cruise on PO Ship Ventura

Just a a short cruise starts tomorrow I'll be posting up thoughts on this ship on my return.

We start at Southampton, two stops in Ireland, one in France, one in Spain and back to Southampton. Seven days in all but it's the definitive way to travel if you ask me.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Ouch Recurring Conjunctivitis

Do you know I spelt that right first time, Conjunctivitis, Anyway been suffering with this lately and it's weird because the Doctors has given me Chloromycetin or Chloraphecicol as it's known.

The symptoms have cleared up if I use it for a week or so then it comes back. Anyway went to the Docs (third time) with a very red eye and she's know given me Fucithalmic.

It was odd whilst waiting for the prescription a woman said to the lady serving at the pharmacist 'you got hayfever?' and she said 'No it's an infection' then the woman explained she had that a few weeks back and couldn't get rid of the eye infection.

What is there a pandemic of eye infections in Swansea?

Swansea City Fan Blog

I thought I'd start a blog just musing over being a Swansea City Fan. Today I note that Gary Speed is now Odds on for the position!

I don't know if I'll keep it up normally get all wound up being a Swans fan:)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

John Hartson for Swansea Manager?

I see the Evening Post last night were talking up John Hartson. I think this would be a mistake we need someone with a proven track record.

I know Swansea isn't a massive club but at this stage of the clubs development we can't afford to give someone a 'try'.

As much as I respect John Hartson and his recent troubles, why didn't he sign for the Swans as a youth. Will have to check that out.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

New Swansea City FC Manager Odds

VC Bet are running a book on the next Swansea Manager. Here are the current prices:-

Paul Tisdale he was quick to dismiss it a year ago now though:-
"One day I will move on when it is right to do so — but I am not looking to move."

You see that 'looking to move' not 'I'm not moving'. He's clear favourite anyway if you look at the odds.
"It is conjecture. It is not relevant because it has not been put to me or the club. There has been no contact at all"
That's almost inviting the approach isn't it.

Weird how these things play out in football. Personally I'm not sorry to see Sousa go form went out of the window last season and when that happens you have to look to the manager. Not convinced with Sousa's signings either.

I'd quite like to see Chris Coleman come home! He got a raw deal at Fulham and now Swansea seems right for him somehow. Apparently though he's reluctant to take it as it's too close to home.

Gus Poyet then when he was at Leeds he had them purring!

Super Freakamonics

Actually that should be spelt super freakonomics. I've been listening to the audio book. What can you say the writers continue to look at stats from a unique angle and come up with some amazing conclusions.

Enjoyed immensely.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

123-reg and Blogger

Seems the correct way to set the A record is not



@ A

Not sure on the relevance of the @ on DNS settings but it seems to act like a wild card entry.

It works anyway now bounces to the www.

XBOX 360 Red Ring of Death Woes

My son's old XBOX had the RROD and I'd heard of the towel trick but there is a much simpler solution. I fixed it with Cotton wool buds!

  1. Put two cotton wool boards in the rear of the XBOX half way in to jam the fans.
  2. Turn on XBOX if you can't hear the fans turning then you've done it correctly.
  3. Wait until three red lights turn to two red lights
  4. Disconnect Power and leave for 20 minutes for it to cool down.
  5. It should now work.
This isn't my video but...

I then striped it down and gave it a good clean with the vacuum cleaner and then used a laptop cooling board whilst using it (this is powered by USB so used the rear XBOX USB port).

So far it's been stable. The DVD drive is playing up though, early XBOX 360 pretty shoddy all round from Microsoft.

Still we'd written the dam thing off so quite happy.