Sunday, 25 July 2010

Archos MP4 Players Review and HTC Hero

Odd title I know but I've owned an Archos 605 since it came out and it's been top drawer. A few complaints that it wouldn't do some HD formats until upgraded but other than that it plays everything flawlessly.

Thing is it's getting old so had my eye out for a replacement and was rather hoping the HTC Hero phone would suffice as an MP4 player.

It's quite a nice phone but it's no iPhone by a long way and as an mp4 player next to useless.

It's so fussy what it plays and then most of the time suffers from Lip Sync issues, there is talk of an HTC Hero update for Orange customers to fingers crossed this will solve this issue.

Going to have to read up either fix the HTC Hero phone so it can play a passable quality file with lip sync issues or buy another MP4 players.

I'm not sure I'd buy another Archos for the simple reason it's not that portable.

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