Saturday, 25 September 2010

Burning the Koran Good?

Read about a few kids that had posted up a You Tube vid that they had burned the Koran and then getting charged. I think it's out of order burning a book, although that is just my opinion I suppose, if you have the opinion that it isn't out of order then it's against the law.

So freedom of expression has pretty much gone out of the window, odd really when I grew up this was something that defined us and we were proud of our heritage phrases like 'our grandparents fought two world wars for freedom of speech'. Think the politically correct lot have given that up in a rush of political correctness.

Anyway I don't think burning a book is ever a good idea and the laws of the land state it's incitement to racial hatred. However a religion isn't a race, which is odd as when you draw a cartoon seems like it's fine to burn a British Flag and have slogans like 'kill the infidel' can't seem to recall anyone getting charged over that.

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