Saturday, 27 November 2010

Comments in Blog Posts

A curious thing by default blog comments are tagged with 'nofollow'. I understand why this is encouraged by Google as it stops spammers getting free links.

I have been thinking though that as long as comments are relevant and contribute something then why shouldn't I allow comments and their websites to be followed.

After all they are contributing to my site so the least i can do is follow.

So websites posted in comments are followed but they are moderated so no Viagra or sex sites please.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Pirate Bay Convictions but Torrents Live on

Just reading on ZDNET that the media suits are still chasing Pirate Bay.
Three of the four people convicted of contributing to copyright infringement for their roles in running The Pirate Bay have had their custodial sentences reduced, but have also had the amount of damages they must pay increased.
Do people still use torrents? Why? Makes little sense.

Anyway despite all this the Pirate Bay site lives on and has a Page Rank of 7! Methinks Google are sticking to their neutral policy on this one then.

Of course every news story contains a link to Pirate Bay and News site carry a lot of weight so making Pirate Bay a mega super important site. Nice one media suits, did not get it shut down, made Google love the site and get it loads of publicity.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hitchens Does God Exist Debate

Thought Christopher Hitchens did a good job in this debate, although Dembski seemed to be saying that without religion there are no morals. Overall felt Dembski limped and stumbled over the whole debate.

The crowd was pro religion so maybe in a different audience it would have come across a lot worse for him.

Anyway you can see it here:-

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Download Call of Duty Black Ops

I think piracy is bad and after only a day the game is cracked and ready for download on the Internet. It's a bad rap for PC games as this will sale and as a result future development.

In saying that I can also see that Pirate XBOX and PS3 games doing the rounds, I suppose the battle against piracy can only be won by doing it online so having great game content online is the way to go.