Monday, 20 December 2010

Busy Busy

On a mission at the moment to get a project off the ground the snow has not helped but in South Wales roads have remained clear. Did a major job on the drive with a mass of grit so should be able to get into work with ease.

Blog wise been quiet as have a major project on the go prior to Christmas. Met up with an old friend today who was in good health and spirits which was great.

Had to reminisce to a dark time in my history where a business I had went pop but when I look back despite the hangover of that business can still be positive about some things, certainly found out who my friends were or were not anyway :)

Got my little girl set up with a blog today she is only eight but she was gobsmacked at how easy it all was, bought her a domain as well (not set up yet). Actually she should be able to keep that for life (name is Jessica Louise Phillips) even when she gets married and makes me a grandfather (shudders, that is scary).

The Town was an awesome film, maybe one the best this year although Kick Ass was this year so maybe not the very best film.

Been watching 30 Rock which is easy to watch a little off the wall, Peep Show back, amazing, and did start to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm but Curb is a hard watch, very very cringe worthy. 

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