Sunday, 12 December 2010

RPF End of Era

Well my time at Right Price Furniture came to an end on Friday and it has been an interesting three years.

Of all the places I have worked I would say pretty amazing that so many could get on so well given their different backgrounds. I do not think I have seen that before, it was pretty closely knit when I think about it. Anyway some gerat people, joy to work with.

Sad but these things happen, never look back in anger is my motto :)

My most immediate concern now is how to pay the mortgage next week, we, the family could eat into some very slim savings but hopefully that will not be needed.

I have managed to get my 40 odd websites generating a little cash but it is a long way from being anything other than pocket money. Actually given the time I have invested I think I might have been better off working in Tesco, doh.

On that note over the weekend I did buy some more shopping themed sites, Sofas Beds Sale and Futons For Sale.

Sofa Beds is one area that the Internet might be late to make an impact as a vital part of the decision to buy is the quality of the opening mechanism.

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