Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Teapot, Teapotians and Teapotianity

The person that did this claims on You Tube that they did it for a school project. Amazing quality if this is true.

All hail the teapot, though shall not blaspheme thy teapot.

I am now a convert to Teapotianity, all Teapotians and will always make thy glorious sign of thy holy teapot when in the presence of any religious event or structure.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Bill O Reilly is a Total Tool

This is class IO Reilly who clearly cannot be that educated debates an atheist and in the video he argues there must be a God as the tide goes up and then it goes down not a miscommunication.

Ok first of all physics and second tsunami. Game over, how can anyone on national TV be that ignorant it is a worry for the the United States you have someone like that on national television. Ok it is Fox but come on America sort it out, not so much land of the free but land of the plain dumb stupid.

Have changed the video now as it had been edited badly.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Is Paki an Offensive Term?

I play an online Football Manager Version namely Football manager Live and recently a player was generated with a first name of Pakie.

Some debate over if this term was offensive. Now this is my understanding so if you think I'm wrong just leave a comment so it can be discussed.

Here was the post that I made in the forums for Football Manager Live.

Actually I think the term Paki us most offensive to Indians. A bit like a common conversation you can have with a lot of Yanks :p

'Are you English?'

'No I'm from Wales'

'That is in England right?'


If you really want to wind someone up and meet someone from Sunderland, call them Geordie, they get awfully upset. :)

The N word is more offensive as it is used racially not nationally or regionally.