Friday, 8 April 2011

Secular Ten Commandments

Recently I have been hanging around the BBC forums Religion and Ethics messages boards which prompted me to write my very rough off the top of my head Secular Ten Commandments. It is interesting to listen to the views of those that have a religion and they do vary quite a lot, there are those that believe every word of the Bible and stick religiously to it.

In some way I admire the fundamentalists, for example there are some Young Earth types there and their viewpoint I think if any part of their holy scripture is incorrect then it all falls apart. So they search for the slightest gap in evidence for evolution or the age of the universe and pin their hopes there.

On the work front I'm freelancing for a company that is doing work for an On Line Off Licence, very much better to be writing about alcohol rather than furniture for a change. I hardly could be called an expert in this regard but the amount of drinks on the market is really rather surprising.

Home, we are after a dog there seems to be a distinct lack of sites that allow you to advertise Dogs or Puppies for sale for free so I have started up Preloved Dogs, it does need a lot of work but I think the principle is pretty solid.

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