Friday, 20 May 2011

Dan Barker Does God Exist Debate

Not seen this debate linked anywhere so thought I would show it here. Another fine performance by Dan Barker.

Debate on the existence of God, contains atheism theism and religion.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Morality is Subjective

Just come off the back of a debate about morality. The poster arguing that morality was objective was quite good. He was claiming that since morality was subjective then why did people search for answers when all they will find is subjective. The bottom line was this

When faced with a moral question humans will look for an objective answer based upon their morality. Their morality is subjective.

Saw confusion over morality and moral question. Just to given an example. Abortion, Fred says 'wrong', Joe says 'right', if they are subjective views then they are both correct.

When you look at the process though it is different. Joe bases his morality on religious teachings, Fred on humanism.

So Fred and Joe are giving objective answers based on their morality. This morality is subjective.