Tuesday, 29 November 2011

William Lane Craig Refuted

I kind of like William Lane Craig but his arguments mostly dissolve into assertions no better than personally testimony.

They normally take the following form:-

1) Cosmological Argument
2) Objective Moral Values
3) Fine Tuning universe designed for life
4) Resurrection
5) Good god

Over the next few weeks I'm going to go through them one by and refute them all, ok maybe not refute but at least reduce them down to assertions. They all have things in common you cannot absolutely disprove them but then you cannot disprove god or flying dragons or pixies.

However we can reduce them to assertions.

Almost forgot joined the British Humanist Association they are an organisation that fit me almost perfectly.


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sympathies to Gary Speed's family

Just heard the shocking news that Gary Speed has committed suicide what a sad day for Welsh Football a manager that surely had a great future ahead of him.

Welsh Football's loss is nothing in comparison to the families loss though and my thoughts are with them at this time.

According to the BBC, BBC Gary Speed News Story

"A statement from Cheshire Police stated that: "On the morning of Sunday 27th November the Cheshire Police Constabulary was told of a sudden death at an address in Huntington in Chester."

Very sad news.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

GTA Four Most Overrated Game ever

Well I got GTA 4 after the professional reviewers were cooing after it and I must say it is biggest pile of garbage I have ever played. Got stuck on a mission and I had to repeat the start over and over and over. Rockstar you suck!

Ok i might not be very good but why would I want to play a game that forces you to repeat the same process over and over. Professional reviewers must have been some back handers going on not to spot that massive flaw in game play design.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Reseller Hosting Reviews

Been busy lately, work wise with a few more clients and a few sites here and there. Technically I have been having a lot of issues with a forum based site. Religion and Ethics gets a lot of traffic from the community but the database was going through a series of crashes which I think I'm now on top of.

The big downside is that I have had to buy some other hosting. I think it would be an interesting insight into which reseller hosting offers the best service when it comes to reseller hosting and might help someone make a decision, so this is a sort of review for hosting.

I have known of Fast hosts for some time and my impression was they were ok, I got a reseller deal for £20 a month with unlimited bandwidth, 5 SQL databases and effectively unlimited websites.

The big attraction for me is the ability to create both Linux and PHP packages so then I could run a variety of different types of sites and was not limited to one platform.

Even just running a few WordPress sites was problematic, they would often be down I would contact support and they would just reply 'they are not down.' I think their support team must have targets or something where if a crash occurs then someone somewhere gets into trouble.

So the effect is that it is best to blame it on the customer and goes thus:-

  • Customer reports Issue to Fasthosts Support
  • Support fixes issue but records it customer error to prevent anyone at Fasthosts getting into trouble

The customer is not going to complain too much as long as their site is up. However I started getting issues with the SQL database crashing on Religion and Ethics Forum and their replies were the code is faulty.

After about the sixth crash and a lot of headaches I decided it was time to rule out for definite this alleged database issue.

I ordered a Uk2 hosting package moved the database there and had no crash's.

UK2 also supported bigger files when restoring a database, so made the process that much easier. So overall currently my opinion is that UK2 beats Fasthosts.