Friday, 28 December 2012

Betfair Deal

Still been betting on betfair just have a refer and earn scheme where if you sign up you get a £25 Free Bet, give it a try!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Fun Old Time

Well here we go another year looking back.. forming the company MP Comp, unimaginatively named from Mark Phillips and then much later moving into Web Marketing and the more aptly named OMG Web Marketing just realised how many peeps I'm not exactly flavour of the month with.

Then starting up Right Price Furniture with the infamous partner ayeee time moves on ...I'm glad to have to have sold Religion and Ethics Forum though. Well not sold but to have passed on ownership to the community with the mods in place it runs itself now.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Alt Binz No Longer Auto Unrars

Bit of a mouthful but found this solved my problem.

Issue was that Alt Binz was no longer extracting files.

Search your hard drive for the file:-

par2info.abz Delete it (make sure Alt Binz is not running). Problem solved!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

UK2 Hosting Review

Having a few issues with UK2 recently they seem to have put prices up and when trying to take payment it has failed.

As a result religion ethics forum is down currently, I have emailed and raised tickets and they are yet to react.

Service could be better pity to see UK2 struggle they are normally pretty good at least in comparison to Fasthosts.

Already starting to think it is time to move on, going to give them one hour I just have sql hosting so can move it very quickly without any loss of service!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Plodding Along

Still freelancing on PPC and have recently started to look for more work, not that I have bags of capacity but could fit in a few more smaller accounts or one medium sized one.

Keep an eye on Football Manager and still waiting for news of where to download the FM2013 demo but seems very quiet from Si this year! On the games front got lost in Skyrim for a month or two, wow what a game and currently having a little dabble with the New Counter Strike.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Smoking Given Up

Well after smoking for a number of years I have now gone nearly four weeks without smoking. I'm now vaping! This is basically using an electrical cigarette. I did try one of these over a year ago and like everyone bought a cheap starter kit and I lacked the real desire to give up smoking and the ecig did not do the trick at all.

After reading Alan Carr's 'The Easy Way to give up Smoking' I got the desire I then thought to myself there must be improvements to the ecig. I checked out a lot of review sites and even went as far as starting my own the aptly named ECigs Reviews.

Since then I have not looked back, low volt cartomisers, the right battery and the right eliquid have done the trick!

William Lane Craig Refuted Objective Morals

This is quite possibly Williams Lane Craig's most complex argument, the tactic he uses are very clever. He tries to get by using emotional bribery but ultimately it the entire argument is just an assertion. This is normally how it is presented:-

Ok let us take them step by step
1. If God does not exist then objective moral values do not exist
Not really sure why that works, there could be objective moral values based on naturalism. I did want to resist writing "well you cannot prove objective morals values do not exist based on naturalism" but that seems to the case.

There is another key aspect to morality here that is completely overlooked by WLC. In his premise he talks about Moral Values not morality, moral values relate to specific actions where morality is the principle on which those moral values are founded.

2. Objective Moral Values Do Exist
So let us have a look at what we shall call Moral Value A 'is it ok to torture a child to death just for fun' is a moral value and how you get to that conclusion is based on a principle. I get there by basing my morality on humanism a theist gets there by invoking god we share the same moral value but do not share the same morality.

Let us take a deeper look at this particular moral value though. Some people have thought Moral Value A is ok so why is it objective? This is my first issue with the assertion.

Let us expand Moral Value A and add something we will call it Moral Value B 'it is ok to allow another human to torture a child to death just for fun'.

Now strange you put this to WLC he will say Moral Value A applies to every Moral Agent (humans / god) but Moral Value B will not apply to all Moral Agents because it can't be true of God. God has allowed other humans to torture a child to death just for fun, he was idle whilst it happened! So Moral B is not objective, if one moral value is not objective then moral values are subjective.

3. Therefore God exists
So using WLC own argument if Objective Moral Values do not exist then God does not exist. Thank you WLC for disproving the existence of God!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Personal Stuff

Look like I'm about to start a new venture Mark Phillips IT Limited. Been 18 monthes now since Right Price Furniture went bankrupt and been a mixed time. There have been good things but I'm still not settled, I think the biggest bonus is dramatically improving my PPC knowledge I even got Google Certified and joined the Google Engage programme.

Anyway I need to get settled that is my main priority currently and have no time really to do much with regard to Objective morality as I planned to write an post about that.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

William Lane Craig Refuted: Fine Tuning Argument

Back again to refute William Lane Craig, the fine tuning argument normally goes thus:-
  1. The fine-tuning of the universe to support life is either due to law, chance or design
  2. It is not due to law or chance
  3. Therefore, the fine-tuning is due to design
Let us take (1) the statement is flawed, Neil DeGrasse Tyson does the finest demolition of this statement I have yet seen. Basically the universe is not fine tuned for life, of the known universe humans CAN NOT survive in 99.999999999% of it.

So there goes that argument. Short and sweet, the next one objective morality is more complex. In the meantime I have linked to Neil DeGrasse Tyson video doing what he does best:-