Friday, 6 April 2012

Smoking Given Up

Well after smoking for a number of years I have now gone nearly four weeks without smoking. I'm now vaping! This is basically using an electrical cigarette. I did try one of these over a year ago and like everyone bought a cheap starter kit and I lacked the real desire to give up smoking and the ecig did not do the trick at all.

After reading Alan Carr's 'The Easy Way to give up Smoking' I got the desire I then thought to myself there must be improvements to the ecig. I checked out a lot of review sites and even went as far as starting my own the aptly named ECigs Reviews.

Since then I have not looked back, low volt cartomisers, the right battery and the right eliquid have done the trick!

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  1. Well this was hidden at the bottom of the page,
    Never smoked so I really am lucky.
    Did you manage to kick it completely and are your nails still in tact and waist line slim.


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