Friday, 6 April 2012

William Lane Craig Refuted Objective Morals

This is quite possibly Williams Lane Craig's most complex argument, the tactic he uses are very clever. He tries to get by using emotional bribery but ultimately it the entire argument is just an assertion. This is normally how it is presented:-

Ok let us take them step by step
1. If God does not exist then objective moral values do not exist
Not really sure why that works, there could be objective moral values based on naturalism. I did want to resist writing "well you cannot prove objective morals values do not exist based on naturalism" but that seems to the case.

There is another key aspect to morality here that is completely overlooked by WLC. In his premise he talks about Moral Values not morality, moral values relate to specific actions where morality is the principle on which those moral values are founded.

2. Objective Moral Values Do Exist
So let us have a look at what we shall call Moral Value A 'is it ok to torture a child to death just for fun' is a moral value and how you get to that conclusion is based on a principle. I get there by basing my morality on humanism a theist gets there by invoking god we share the same moral value but do not share the same morality.

Let us take a deeper look at this particular moral value though. Some people have thought Moral Value A is ok so why is it objective? This is my first issue with the assertion.

Let us expand Moral Value A and add something we will call it Moral Value B 'it is ok to allow another human to torture a child to death just for fun'.

Now strange you put this to WLC he will say Moral Value A applies to every Moral Agent (humans / god) but Moral Value B will not apply to all Moral Agents because it can't be true of God. God has allowed other humans to torture a child to death just for fun, he was idle whilst it happened! So Moral B is not objective, if one moral value is not objective then moral values are subjective.

3. Therefore God exists
So using WLC own argument if Objective Moral Values do not exist then God does not exist. Thank you WLC for disproving the existence of God!

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