Saturday, 26 October 2013

Jesus Eyewitness Timeline

Recently have been watching and reading a lot of David Fitzgerald author of Nailed, see link to book!

Anyway point of this post at Skepticon he did a talk and one image he posted was a wow moment:

That caused a stir, all this time there is me thinking well Jesus has to be historical, that looks unlikely! Pair this with the failure of history to note other supernatural events recorded in the Gospels e.g. zombie hoard in Matthew and it does make you wonder exactly how much of this is made up!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Insane Papias

Papias thought that Judas had swollen up to the size of at least a chariot! See Papias writings.

Also don't forget the Salem Witch trials as examples of miracles with eye witness testimony.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Auguistine On Christian Doctrine Book2

Thought this quote might be handy.

Now, in regard to the canonical Scriptures, he must follow the judgment of the greater number of Catholic churches; and among these, of course, a high place must be given to such as have been thought worthy to be the seat of an apostle and to receive epistles. Accordingly, among the canonical Scriptures he will judge according to the following standard: to prefer those that are received by all the Catholic churches to those which some do not receive. Among those, again, which are not received by all, he will prefer such as have the sanction of the greater number and those of greater authority, to such as are held by the smaller number and those of less authority. If, however, he shall find that some books are held by the greater number of churches, and others by the churches of greater authority (though this is not a very likely thing to happen), I think that in such a case the authority on the two sides is to be looked upon as equal.