Funny Quotes

Sometimes someone says something that's worth remebering.

Jessica aged 6 - The man who reads the news is the Prime Minister.
Jessica aged 6 - After enquiring where does Poo go she then asked do men work down the sewers she then asked 'How do they got down the toilet'

Bevla - Carl Pilkington met your ideal woman!

I explained to Bev that we were moving through space at millions of miles and hour then I asked her 'how come we don't fall off'. Raising her eyebrows she replied 'Didn't we invent gravity?'

Bev once explained that she didn't believe Whales could be that big as 'how could they all fit in the ocean?'

I must say Bev is a superstar, a real character with loads of charisma and one of the nicest most caring people I know so no harm is intended by those comments.

I do wish she wasn't quite so good at Bejweled Blitz though!