Guide to News Groups

Why Bother with Newsgroups

First of all lets deal with the why. As you can see the download is flying down! There are two issues with most peer to peer (bitorrent etc)
  • 1) people download off you 
  • 2) your speed is reliant on them.

Newsgroups don't work like this a file is sent to a commercial news server and then you download off that news server. The news server does cost but it is wonderfully quick!

The biggest downside is it is not that easy to set up, it's like anything else once you've done it once it's a doddle but there are a few things to get your head around.

Summary of Newsgroup Requirements

  1. Winrar - FREE
  2. Quickpar - FREE
  3. Newsreader Alt Binz - FREE
  4. Indexing Site - Very Cheap / FREE
  5. Access to News server- NOT FREE

Step by Step your first Download

Download and Install Winrar Download Page

Download and Install Quickpar Download Page

Download and Install Alt Binz Download Page

All of the above are very simple to install just follow the prompts using the software we'll go using it later.

Next you need Newsgroup Access, now I use Giganews their a big concern so safe for credit card etc and they do offer a free trial as well. Link: Giganews

From them they will give you a username and password, once you have this open AltBinz click setup and then servers. I've highlighted where to click and what to fill in user name and password get from Giganews.

Whilst your here you just make Alt Binz the default app for handling NZB files (these are where the files are on the news service)

Open NZB Club search for something a popular TV Show like Lost or 24, using NZB Club you might want to narrow the search by typing Lost S06E09 (to get the episode and filter out some stuff).

Ok so now click as shown and if you using firefox should look like this.
When Alt Binz opens click connect and your file should download.

Ok so now go to your download folder, you can set this in Alt Binz by clicking Setup / Download.

Then you should have some files like this:-

Open the par2 file, if it prompts you point it at Program Files / Quickpar. Quickpar will check that the rar files are file and can be unarchived.

If it looks like the above then right click the .rar file and extract for the completed download.

Other Notes
I still use Newzbin for getting the NZB's it's very cheap like £2 a month or something but saves a bit of hassle.